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Oooooooh......are dese all mine????

Something pink is in there....

I think dis one is mine....

something warm & fuzzy.....

It's a blankie!!!

I weally wuv dese rope toys!

A doggie cookbook for Mommy and another rope toy for me!

I weally wuv dis toy!

These are Mommy's gifts! She weally, weally wuvs all of them..... especially da pink purse!

The Christmas card...

Thank you so much Brandi, Tader, Piper & Friday! You sent me & Mommy some wonderful pwesents!:D

(There may have been other items that didn't get posted cause things got mixed up with all the gifts being opened.) Thank you for everything!

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Great pictures!
Love the cutesy commentary,lol, adorable. :)
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