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Fat Chico

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I wanted to post a pic of my sisters chi, Chico. I call him Fat Chico, lol He dosen't mind. :D
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He may be alittle on the plush side, but he's adorable. :)
He's a beautiful boy, though he is a tad plump. :)
He is so cute...looks like he is not a picky eater LOL !
awww hes gorgus!!! :D Everyone enjoys a cake... some enjoy one everyday!!! :wave: Hes absolutly lovely!
awww... he's a chunky monkey.

My motto is: better to be fat and happy than skinny and miserable.
He's not fat he is festively plump!! I just wonder what he is selebrating :?: :?:
As long as he seems happy to have a Few extra pounds, than I don't mind! I must admit, he's really cute though, I love his face 8)
NoahFL said:
He may be alittle on the plush side, but he's adorable. :)
PLUSH!! Oh Rebecca I love that one will be using it!

Chico is a cutie :D
awww he's cute.. nice name too.. i am sure he is happy as ever the way he is!!
He is plush and I like that since I am also plush. Cute pic.
Plush is a great description for this cutie. I think he's adorable, love that happy look on his face.
He looks like a really "cool dude" sitting there so proud! 8) So what, if he is a little on the "plush" side...more to love!

1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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