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What are your favorite designers and why? I am trying to create a list for when someone is looking for an outfit harness bag etc people can get a good idea on the product

Ruff Ruff Coture- great quality fits true to size
Lulu Pink- great quality fits true to size
Canine Styles- great quality fits true to size

Ipuppyone- great for Sonny but not BG she could get out
Puppia- fits great in Sonny same issue with BG

Costco Kirkland beds- great price lasts forever

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-Hip Doggie(the quality is unbeatable, lasts for years even on my super active pups, and survives through several washes per week)


-Puppia(best quality, durable, washable, comfortable, and extremely cute)
-Park Avenue(custom fit, durable, great price)


-Hot Dogs All Dressed(if you want quality, durability and lots of choices of colors and decorations, these are for you)


-Slumber Pet(most styles are durable and survive my frequent washings)
-Kirkland,except for the straw filled ones(great prices, sturdy)


-Nylabone(the larger models are durable and keep my pups happy)
-Kong(great for chewing)
-Ruffians(great for fetch)

Pet Carriers:

-Kwigy Bo(durable, have the option of a larger than standard size, cozy for the pup)
-Pet Flys(comfortable for both the dog and my shoulder, original styles)
-BK Atelier(durable, sturdy, easy to clean, comfortable)

ID tags:

-TagMePets on Etsy(durable, fits not only phone number but address, sturdy yet light)


-Petrageous, the stoneware ones(just all around well made, I've had mine for a few years they still look brand new)

There are other brands that I like as well, but find extremely overpriced so I do not purchase them.
No matter the product, quality and durability comes first and foremost for me, but price is also a factor.
If I know the item is well made and is going to last a long time then I don't mind spending a good amount
on it, but I won't pay 1 cent for something that is simply "cute" and nothing more. Everything I buy serves
a purpose, I do not buy things for decoration. If the item is in fact adorable then it is a bonus, but not the
reason I bought it.

You know I've had dogs for many years, and have been rescuing for 10, I have tried it all,
the brands mentioned above are my absolute favorites, they have been tested by dogs
and cats of all sizes, breeds and ages, and are worth every penny imo.

Hope that helps! ;)

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Cedrelle: because they have beautiful handmade sweaters with good quality and they fit perfectly

Puppy Angles: nice design


Cedrelle: great price, lovely design and lasts forever


Puppia: lovely design and durable
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