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Teddy goes through periods where he is really not hungry and won't eat much at all. If it goes on for even two days he starts to look noticeably too thin. He's dropped as much as half a pound (from 5 lbs to 4.5 lbs).

I like Orijen but I found that ZiwiPeak was more enticing for him to eat. I guess because it's softer. I think the size of the Orijen kibble was deterring him but it doesn't sound like yours has that problem.

The way that I help boost his appetite is I feed (once daily) 5.5 oz of canned Weruva dog food, early in the morning. He usually takes his time to eat over the course of a few hours so I leave down whatever he doesn't eat until he finishes it. If he goes back to check his empty dish at all I will feed him a second 5.5 oz can later in the evening. I warm it in the microwave in his ceramic dish for about 15-17 seconds and then stir it some to distribute the heat. After that I sprinkle some Wysong DentaTreat on top. (I don't use the DentaTreat for oral health-- it's a cheese powder that is full of enzymes and probiotics. It also makes the food more enticing to eat.) Aside from that, he has a bowl of ZiwiPeak down all day.
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