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feeding amounts

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as you know I have 3 4 week old puppies. on the food packaging it says to feed them 1/4-1/3 cup of food. But it also says leave food out ll the time til they are fully weaned. Does waning mean not drinking bottles nymore. Because they dont drink bottles anymore. They like the puppy food way better. But when I lave some out all the time they wont stop eating til its all gone. And if I'd put more down theyd just eat more nd more til they get sick. So I was wondering how often should I feed them? nd does fully weaned mean they dont drink bottles anymore. Also they dont eat it dry I have to soften it up/
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Yes fully weaned means off the bottle or not nursing from the mother..

I would give themt he wet food 3 or 4 times a day and leave regular dry food out.. they have to learn how to chew the hard stuff...

When Gadget was 4 weeks I was feeding him about 6 times a day but I would only give him about 3 tablespoons of food.. because he would get full with that amount but it wouldn't last that long in his tummy... by the time he was 6 weeks he was eating dry food and I gave him 1/8 cup and leave it down for him all day...

Now @ 3 months he gets 4 to 5 tablspoons of canned food 2 times daily and all the dry food he wants.. I keep both his bowls with 1/8 cup of food in them.. some days he eats all of it and some days he doesn't..

puppies don't at your puppies age don't know when to stop eating and yes they will eat until it is gone...

you might want to try the wet food like you are doing and in between that leave the dry food down for them.. it is really good for the baby teeth...

good luck...

hope to see pictures soon.
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