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Your are correct, you will want to feed your chi pup three times a day. When I got Ginger I would feed her 4 times a day just because she was so tiny. Also if you are going to create train her you might want to keep her food in the crate with her just in case. Also I would buy some Nutra-Cal to have on hand just in case she doesnt want to eat. It has a lot of calories and sugar and helps in a pinch if your pup doesnt want to eat.

As far as long vs. short I have both....and to be honest there is no difference except the grooming. I have to groom Kylie once a day (just run a brush through her) and bath her probably once every couple weeks because her fur gets dirty. I get her professionally groomed once a month. That is the only major difference, besides what one thinks looks better.

Best of luck picking out ur chi pup! You are already stepps ahead of most by asking questions before you buy one! I look forward to hearing more from you!!!!


EDIT: also please introduce yourself in the new member section :D
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