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Feeding Schedule

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I am wondering since my chi already six months old do i still have to feed her three times a day or do i feed her twice a day.
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im not really sure,
but i was wondering that myself.
Mia is only 3 months and 2 weeks old.
i have been feeding her 3 times a day,
but lately....
she will ignore 1 of those meals each day.
so... i dont know.
personally i take the recomended amount of food for the day, put it in the bowl and let vixie freefeed. she eats as much as she wants when she wants while still getting the recomended amount for the day.

ive Always free fed, and as much as many times ive been told oh thats how you get fat dogs...*rolls eyes* in 20 years myself nor my family have ever had an overweight dog, my grandfather who used to breed freefed and never had overweight dogs...and it works best for us and our dogs...
however it isnt for everyone.

however at 6months if you dont want to leave the food down id prolly say twice a day now....
If you are feeding her a set amount of food at each feeding, is she not eating one of them? I think they usually skip the middle feeding.
If she still eats all of the food you give her at each feeding then you need to make sure she still gets the same total amout of food in the 2 meals that are left.
I still feed my 6 month old 3-4 times a day. He seems to prefer smaller more frequent meals. If I put more than usual in his bowl, he won't eat it. I think it should just be based on personal doggy preference. :)
Thanks everyone.Mine is still eating 3 meals at age 6 months.I just was wondering since i really have forgotten when my older chi started eating twice a day.And cause Pearl is also a fast eater I don't want her to get an upset stomach.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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