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I've been feeding Boop raw for a while, which made my vet unhappy when she learned of it - salmonella, et al. Vet was pretty emphatic that dogs can get food borne illnesses. She recommended Dr. Rebecca Remillard, Google her, but the consultations are $250!!! Or Dr Donald R. Strombeck's Home-Prepared Dog & Cat Diets, much less at $43 at

I bought the book! It arrived yesterday, I got the ingredients yesterday and today, and am about to start cooking, after I get off the net.

After the obligatory slam of commercial dog foods, Dr. Strombeck explains dog and cat nutrition and then gives specific recipes that use easy to find grocery store ingredients. Well, I had to go to a pet food store to get bone meal. You can add veggies, but I'm going to rely on pet vitamin pills for a while. The ingredients for the first meal I'll try are:
very lean beef
canned sardines in tomato sauce (!!!)
canola oil
salt substitute - potassium chloride
multi vitamin-mineral tablet, pet or human​

He gives the amounts of each, says it will feed a 30-lb dog for one day, says how many calories it contains. Then it's up to me to find out how many calories my dog needs from one of the tables in the book and adjust the amounts! Have a calculator handy.

He also doesn't give any cooking directions. I assume I'll cook the meat and rice separately, crush the pills, and then mix everything together.

I'm doing this because Boop refuses to eat dog food. Well, if she's starving she would, but I can't be that stern with my ickle Boopsie. And the melamine tainted commercial foods terrified me.

He also has recipes for puppies, pregnant and lactating bitches, and dogs with special health problems. One review of the book, found via Google, says it's fairly dry. True.

Since my vet recommended the book, I thought I'd pass the info along. Wish me luck, and I'll wish you the same.
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