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Finally have my own chihuahua!!!!

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Hi everyone!! I'm a new chihuahua owner as of this Saturday when I go and pick her up..... I'm so excited!!!!! My daughter is also excited because I will finally be leaving her chihuahua alone, lol. Our chis are full brother and sister but from different litters of course. My daughter has a long haired male ( yes he's fixed), and mine is a short haired. The males name is Bear, and my little girls name is Maia. :D

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Little Maia

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Little Bear
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Thank you everyone!!!!
How exciting! Congrats! More pics once you have her home!!
Aww, they are both adorable!! I am sure u can't wait to take little maia home. Must be sooo excited :D.
Beautiful markings on the girl and congrats on being a new momma!
They are both adorable! I bet you are so excited.

My family owns a Springer Spaniel named Bear, and my chihuahua is named Lion. :)
Congrats, you must be so excited!!
Thank you everyone!! I am very excited. I hope this week flies by. My daughter is excited for me as well because she wants her Little Bear all to herself. I can't wait to cuddle with her and see what kind of personality she has as she grows....
Aww both are sweet hearts! I'm so excited for you...good luck & I can't wait to see some more pics of her and maybe some of them together. :)
Congrats! Shes such a cutie, and Bear is very handsome:) Looking forward to more pics!
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