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finally have pics of SCOOT!!

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My dad finally downloaded or uploaded (not to keen on computer lingo) my pictures.. so here they are..

this is my 1st time doing this so let me know if they go through,,
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here are 2 of my other dogs, Guinness is the chocolate lab, nomar is the italian greyhound boston terrier mix..

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i hope you all enjpy the pics. sorry there so big don't know how 2 resize..
awww what cute little furbabies you have !!

kisses nat
thanks.. i luv em to death.. i have another black lab 7 months. but he's at my moms house and i don't have a camra there..
oh wow you have a bunch of cuties there scoot is adorable :D
great looking pooches! dont' worry the pics weren't too big either, they were fine :wave:
Scoot is a cutie! I love the name Guiness, what a great name for a chocolate labe! :D
Scoot is a cutie!! I love Guinness though; I love labs and the chocolatier, the better!!
They're lovely pics, especially the second one. :lol:
They are all great looking! Great family of sweet looking dogs! :)
Roie: They're all beautiful babies. You must be very proud!
awww thanks guys... cooper: guinness is ALL brown brown fur brown eyes brown tounge everything!! lol and thanks all of you for your nice comments..
Scoot is a doll What a sweet face Your other furbabies are very pretty too :D
thank you all sooo much
by the way anyone know if scoot is an apple or deer head.. i am not very good at figuring this stuff out..
Scoot is such a cutie :love7: What a lovely face. Maybe you could take a profile shot and then someone who knows can give you an idea.

Love the other two also. Such adoring eyes on the lab and just beautiful eyes on the other. All great looking pooches.
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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