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Finally..... Peace

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Chico is finally starting to accept Cocoa... unless Cocoa tries to play with "Beeber" or "Hoggie"... then its all out 'War of the Toys'....

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Awwww that's good news jan. hope it stays peaceful for you
HA HA what fun a puppy is,things are getting better Jan
If they can sleep that close to each other without growling, that's a real step in the right direction.

Gracie and Diesel are inseperable now, but occasionally he gets in her space too much and she puts him in his place. It's a real power struggle for dominancy between those two...And poor Pedro, he doesn't even try to compete. He just looks at them like they are crazy!
Aw, so happy things are finally settling a bit! Before you know it they'll be best friends. :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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