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Dodger: "this looks like a comfy place...wait why is she following me?!"
Vixie: "hmm is that charlies ball i see over there...unguarded...

Dodger:"oh...she brought a toy...can i play with knwo you wanna give it to me"
Vixie: "wow i finally got charlies ball...."

Dodger: "no? not willing to share? fine ill take it off you"
Vixie: "hey i worked hard to get that off charlie!"

Dodger: "cool if i take the ball up ontop of this high cushion..."
Vixie: "where are you taking my ball?!"

Vixie: "here comes charlie...say bye to the ball dodger"
Dodger: "oh my god, here comes that giant fluffy thing again...and hes got his eyes on MY ball..."

Dodger: "sigh* now i have no ball"
Vixie: "come on dodge, come down here and play"

Dodger: "ma? why is she biting my castle?"
Vixie: "get down here and play with me!"

Dodger: "what are you doing crazy vixie?"
Vixie: "i swear if i pull on this enough hell fall off and come play with ME"

Dodger: "haha, you cant get me!"
Vixie: "ill try this side, move fast so he doesnt catch on"

Dodger: "im the king of the castle!"
Vixie: "why wont you come down here ya little shrimp!"

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That is so cute! What a great pair they make!
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