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finding new home for your pups gut instinct hits in true

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I find people phone just out of interest but you do know the passionate ones like me obsessed is it the same for you.
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lol i was worried that my "passion" would be interpreted as loppyness by the breeder lol.
i thought shed get fed up with me in the end, sending emails, then leaving answer phone messages then phoning ne way lol
so i guess another question would be, do you actualy get fed up with "stalker" puppy adoptees lol
:lol: good question Mia! I felt kinda aggravating when I was getting my shih tzu :D
I'm sure we obsessed chihuahua lovers do tend to aggervate breeders..LOL :lol: I ask alot of questions which a good breeder wouldn't mind and would be happy to talk and answer any questions that a potentiol owner might want to know. That shows them we care and are concerened in there babies and wanna provide a good home for them and make sure they are healthy and happy..LOL So I am sure they are very forgiving to us..!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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