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~Finn's Mom Come Here My Love~

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9 I could THANK YOU!!! :love2:

Bella received her fabulous package today! I just LOVE it!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for thinking of us.
The two presents you sent for Bella are adorable beyond
words, and the beautiful letter you wrote just made my day.

I took some photos...

The package arrived! And to those wondering, no my sexy mailman didn't
bring was ANOTHER hunky mailman! :coolwink: I covered the personal
info parts, but still wanted you guys to see this...look at the cute little heart
sticker in the bottom corner! Cute huh?! (nice touch Finn's mom)

Beautifully wrapped, with a special little letter too!
The letter said that this gift was made by a rescue
volunteer and it's purchase funds the rescue that
Finn's mom works with! (What more can you ask
for?! This is too great.)

Tada! Super adorable handmade little carrier for
Miss.Bella and an ultra sexy outfit for those special
rendez-vous at the bark park!

Of course Rocky the protector had to come and
approve of Bella's outfit. He said it's a little "risqué"
but as long as she's out with him she can wear it.

Oh lala!

Pretty lady.

Of course Rocky had to also inspect the carrier
for safety purposes. He said it passes!

Thank you Finn's mom and your pack!!! Lots of Love from Bella and her pack!!!

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Very cute Bella, very saucy. I never noticed before how similar Bella and Rocky's facial markings are, she's a little mini me of Rocky. X
How sweet!!! Love the carrier!!!!!!!!!!!
Very cute Bella, very saucy. I never noticed before how similar Bella and Rocky's facial markings are, she's a little mini me of Rocky. X

You know it's so funny, we got asked a couple of times already if Bella is Rocky
& Benji's baby! :lol: haha Then some proceed to ask which one out of Rocky & Benji
is the girl....I guess since I have two of them one must be a female and I MUST BE breeding. :rolleyes:
How sweet!!! Love the carrier!!!!!!!!!!!
Me too! It's so cute & soft! :)
Very very sweet! We have the greatest people here. Kudos to Finn's mom. :)
Oh my!!! She is undoubtedly the cutest in that little teddy lol
Rocky being her protector is sooooo going to be needed at the park. All those boys there are going to falling all over themselves to meet her :D
Woohoo very cute and awesome job Finn's mom and love the carrier
that was so nice of Finn's mom !!! thats a pretty carrier, the fabric is so cute, and that little outfit is so pretty :) ( love the little heart sticker too... i may just have to copy that idea. lol )
Awwww she look so adoreable!!!!! WOW her and Rocky look so much a like.
I am soooooooooooo glad you like the gifts. The carrier is homemade (by a rescue volunteer for purchase benefiting the rescue), not at all fancy, but I think they really are cute--and Bella looks cute in it (she is TINY!). I like throwing one in my purse just in case I need to carry one of my guys (the last time when we were out for a walk and it started to hail).

Bella looks positively naughty in that puppy corset! OMG, it does look like lingerie. She looks darling. That's the Pet Rock Star line at PetSmart.

Thanks for all the kind messages, everyone. It is always great to hear about other Chis around the world.
Oh yes it felt like a holiday today! I'm really happy, thank you. :)
Hubby just got home from work and he is in love with the carrier,
he thinks it's really cute, so do I. I wore it around the house to try!
It's so cozy, and I love how the strap is adjustable because I'm a tall
girl. I can't wait to use it. It's a perfect size for Bella and is light. :love2:

The outfit is fabulous too, and you got the size perfectly right!

Thanks again, I'm so happy, I'm still smiling about it. :)
That corset is to die for - it's about the only damn thing I've ever seen that makes me wish I could operate that white lump of plastic with buttons, knobs, levers & pedals. I am off to try & track some of those supremely gorgeous things down for my bitches - even my "plodder" may start to strut in something that special :)

Carrier is very cute & snuggly for the tiny precious Bella.
What sweet gifts! Bella looks adorable in her outfit and the bag is cute too!
Wow Wee! What nice gifts!!! Ava and Mona Lisa both have that same dress! Isn't is adorable...And the carrier looks perfect!

You must have been a good girl, LOL...
what a thoughtful gift...that little corset is beyond cute...I have never seen anything like it...and so darn tiny ! her new bag is lovely....I can see why people would think rocky is related to Bella....they do sort of resemble each other...both little sweethearts....
Beautiful gifts the dress is so damn cute x

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How super nice!! This is awesome! :D I really enjoy the love that is shared on this forum! :) So kind and sweet!
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