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first ever ruby video oh im in love!!!!!

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hi all here is the first video i will post of my new baby ruby iv been to see her this morning and she is so the perfect one i got to meet her mum and dad and brothers and sisters they were all stunning well here she is she is dinky

let me know what you think i for one know iv got the ruby bug im picking her up on the 20th i cant wait
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she is gorgeous!and so placid!ruby is the perfect name for her!
ow my gosh Vicki I didnt know you was getting another....
wow im so happy for you!!!
Your so so so lucky!
Shes so cute.. I just see another chi lol but the thing finished
thanks all she is gorgous and so very laid back her brother was really out going and the other brother was quiet and the other sis was placid as well they were all soooo cute i planned on getting another eventually stef but thought id have to wait ages for a show chi as wanted the perfect one and didnt want to rush then a show breeder i know who is at all the same shows as me told me about her and since then i havent looked back she is stunning and everything i wanted in my search for the perfect chi! :D
awww thanks i just cant wait to get her home it was so good seeing her and her dad and mum they are lovely and she has really good blood line
i just tried wathing it myself and it didnt work oh
omg so beautiful !! she looks exactly like my paris when i got her!!

kisses nat
awww does she i cant stop talking about her iv just added her to my website now yay!
Too cute for words....I'm in Luv :love4:
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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