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First Heat

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I think my ten month old Callie just started her first heat. I was wondering if you could tell me what to expect... ie. how long it will last, how much blood is normal, any special measures to take during this time etc.
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Well a first heat cycle should last on average 3 weeks. She may be very agresive or be completley affectionate toward you. There should not be too much blood just spotting really.

Its best to line her fave seating areas with a newspaper or somethng to catch blood.

Also for exercising her take her to a very remote place and keep her away from other dogs. Remember any dog at all ( if not fixed) will try and get to her. They may very easily jump over something that usually would not have been thought possible. Don't Leave her in a garden or whatever on her own. Keep a very close eye on her!!!

Just a bit of advice that I have picked up when doing my research!!!
I have thought about breeding her, but naturally that wouldn't be until her second or third heat and I would have a lot more research to do before I decided on that.
If you dont think you will be breeding her , I would definately get her spayed as by the third heat she has almost the same percent of chance of getting certain types of cancers as an unspayed dog :wave:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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