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Alright, well hubby and I decided to start his Siberian Husky and my Chi on a raw food diet. We went to the store today after hours of research and picked up a few (perhaps too many...) things.
1. Whole Chicken
2. Chicken 1/4
3. Gizzards and Hearts (mixed together)
4. Chicken Livers
5. Turkey Necks
6. Sardines (mostly for the cats, but the dogs enjoyed a bite of one!)

The dogs each had a bit of chicken. Ousi (my chi) chewed some meat off of the turkey neck. Chaz (husky) ate an entire turkey neck. Chaz also ate 2 small gizzards. Ousi wanted NOTHING* to do with the hearts or gizzards. Of course, Chaz ate whatever was put before him :rolleyes:
Overall they loved it so much! They went right after it!
But I have a few questions:
1. How can I be sure that they are full? My Ousi will quit when she is full- but I really doubt Chaz would.
2. How can I be sure that Ousi is getting bones?
3. What should I feed them for breakfast? Chaz LOVES* egg shells so I know he will eat a raw egg- but Ousi is so picky and she won't eat shells so I'm sure she won't eat a whole egg.
4. What should I give them as treats through out the day?
5. Am I missing anything in their diet that they really need?
6. I also read that too much fat can kill them. How much is too much? Do I need to take like all of the fat off of it? Don't they need some fat?

Thanks so much!

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2. You will know he is getting bones because you are feeding him a bony piece of chicken. Feed them separately so you can keep track of that. In crates or on separate towels.

3. No eggs. Wayyyyyyyyyyy too early. Eggs are for experienced raw eaters. You will be giving a bony piece of chicken twice a day. That's it. Nothing else. Variety comes later.

4. What are you using treats for?

5. No, you aren't missing anything.

6. Healthy dogs process fat just fine.

I would encourage you to keep reading and researching.

2. She won't eat the bones, she just wants the meat off of it. Could i crush it into a paste perhaps?

3. Ousi won't eat eggs, but we have been giving chaz egg shells for months now. Does that make it okay since he's had it for a while? Or do I need to stop them?

4. I use treats for when Ousi potty's outside. If I don't she tends to want to potty inside :confused5:

5. Great! I saw some saw veggies and fruit need to be added eventually as well as it simulates the inside of prey animals intestines.

6. Good to know, I was wondering how to get all fat off of meat. lol

Oh, believe me. I have just started researching. I'm a bit anal retentive when it comes to my puppies.
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