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first scare ever

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wed just finnished breakfast and vixie came and sat on my lap on the couch as is normal but just couldnt settle...then she jumped down and started crying and screaming (the same she does when im out of sight lol) she was rolling over and crying and im trying to comfort her, and then she started chewing with he rback tooth on my finer, wasnt sure if it was just her was of saying mamma i hurt or whether something back there was hurting her, and she kept rolling over, after a minute or so it was over and shes fine now, but shes chewing a chewybone ferosiously (nylabone) scared the hell outa me since she only usually makes sounds like that when i leave her sight and she gets freeked out, i checked all her joints, no pain, felt all her ribs, nothings different even swept her moth with my finger couldnt feel anything, but narrowing it down im thinking its her back tooth, the one she was trying to chew on me with...mabe there was something lodged back there that was hurting. if it happens again ill be taking her to see the vet to have him take a look, but she seems fine now running round after charlie and chewing her bone like nothing happend...and she was only at the vet a week ago and he was so happy wiht her teeth,
i think it freeked her out suring too as shes nto realy a tummy scratch dog, shell roll over for her tummy just before bed and sometimes in the mornings, and when i come home...other than that. but she was rolling over for me to rub her tummy...and when charlie came over to sniff as he usually does, she gave him a good ol growl, she never does that...
poor thing...though i think it scared me more than it did her...

anyother idea that could have caused it, she wasnt gagging or coughing just crying and screeching...then again at the time it started i was only paying half attention to her...perhaps its her new and improved attention seaking practice!?

shes also on her way out of her first heat, could that have anything to do, as i said, shes fine now...chewing alot but otherwise fine...

i gave her a firm talking to and told her NEVER to scare mamma like that again.
a foster chi i was taking care of and grew extreemly close to in 3 days (was planning on adopiting her once she was healthy) died overnight from sever phneumonia, the vet they were using sent her home with me after a check up that day and said shed be fine, she didnt make it to 8am the next morning, i took her to my vet who did an autopsy and found she had literally drowned in a space of 12 hrs, she had perked up that day however, though the vet says this is very common in phnumonia cases, i was devasted, healed and found vixie, so shes now been warned, shes NOT ALLOWED to ever scare me like that again lol.
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OMG. I am sorry she scarrd you so muh you must have been devastated. It probably was just something that got caught in her tooth like you said. I am glad she is feeling better again. :D :D
You've had quite an evening haven't you? It sounds like she was already uncomfortable when she jumped on your lap since she couldn't settle down. From your dogster page she's about 10 months? She could be an early stage luxating patella, the most common thing we see is small dogs that jump down from couches who have never experienced luxating patella before, one of their kneecaps pops out, and it doesn't hurt one bit, but they can't move their leg and it freaks them out. By the time the owner reaches the dog, the kneecap already has popped back in on its own (all it takes is a back extension of the leg) and everything is back to normal, and it will all feel normal when you touch the leg again. Your vet wouldn't be able to initiate a luxation on exam unless she is a Grade 2 or higher, so if this is a unique incidence for your pup, hope that it continues that way. Watch for "hops" on one leg or the other when walking or "skipping", it will give you warning signs she is progressing to later stages. I'm just worrying you though, she is doing great now and hopefully it was an isolated incident =)

Who knows, she could have just built up some charge while running on the carpet, and gotten zapped by static electricity when she touched a zipper on your jacket? She was probably chewing on your finger as a way to say "mom, what's wrong" rather than indicating that there was oral pain. Dogs in severe oral pain keep their mouths clamped shut, drool, and have decreased appetite and chewing activity. I think we'll be ok =)

She's all good now so that's good news =)
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Boy, they sure are able to scare the hell out of us, aren't they? I'm glad she seems fine now. Goodness, it could have been any silly little thing that just caused her a few moments of pain. Hopefully there will be no more mommy scares. :)

How awful about the foster chi! You must have been devastated. :cry:
Can't they just almost scare you to death? You just feel so helpless when something like that happens. Am glad she is o.k. now.
I hate it when they scare us... I am so flad she is better now...
I always said had I known about Chi's before childbirth I would not have had any children lol. But atleast with chidlren they can tell you whats wrong. once my daughter was crying fiercly i had her down on my cousins bed. she was never a crier unles wet or hungry. she wouldnt take the bottle and her diaper was clean. when i appraoched her she would sto. the crying got worse i checked her couldnt find anything ran her to emergency room. talk about embarassment. her big toe was squished in her shoe :oops: . So i dont know whats worse 4 legged kids or 2 lol
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