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first shot ,when?

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Hi to you all....just got another question...when is it wise to take your chi to the vet...right after i will bringhim home?....when is he ready for his first shot? thanks :wave:
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i say you should take your new puppy for the first check up within 48 hours of bringing them home. this was you can get them checked out, get a clean bill of health and get them on a vaccination schedule, also take a fecal sample with you so they can run it for parasites. even though they may et de-wormed doesn't mean they are parasite free. my chiwi was de-wormed but still got coccidea. also make sure you get a copy of the vaccines the breeder has so you can bring it with you to the vet's. as for the first shots, the breeder should take care of 1st and most likely second shots as well. the ages i'm not real sure of (maybe 6 or 8 weeks.....)
Thanks for the fast response :p ...and taking the time to do so. :wave:
I agree - take your new pup to your vet as soon as possible. You want to have the pup checked over completely-this is not only for the health of the pup, but for you as well-to be sure you have a healthy pup. You need to take records received from the breeder, and your vet will set up a schedule for your puppy's shots.
Hi there! No vaccines should be given before 6 weeks, but I'd wait till 8 weeks since it will make the vaccine more effective, and your chi will be a little older and stronger in case of vaccine reaction. Let your veterinarian map out the vaccine schedule, but it never hurts to suggest that you space them out so that no 2 vaccines are given on the same day.

This is protocol that we use on most small breed puppies:

DHPP 8 weeks
DHPP 12 weeks
Bordatella 13 weeks
DHPP 16 weeks
Rabies 17 weeks

This way if there is a vaccine reaction, we know which booster caused it, and the body has at least a week to recover from the last, since vaccinating "boosters" the bodie's immune system, it's a little stressful on their body.

Good luck! Don't forget to bring a fresh stool sample to your vet so they can check for internal parasites. If you can't get it within 1hr of the appointment, they are good for up to 4 hours in the refridgerator.
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Thanks guys for the info...still waiting unpatiently for the baby to come home :clock:
Is it expensive......

Oh yeah it expensive to take pets to the vet? :wave:
depends on where you live in the US =) Members on this site say vet visits are as low as 25 and vaccines are cheap, my doctors charge 50-60 for an exam, and 25-30 per vaccine. It's difficult to leave the hospital without spending at least $100 in most cases when basic stuff is done. Shop around for a good price, but you have to remember to put the quality of care as a priority.

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