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First taste of ZP!

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So, tonight Toby is skipping a meal in preparation of starting ZP full time tomorrow. I got the ZP this afternoon and I decided tonight to give him a piece and see how he liked it. When I gave it to him, I also gave Lilly and Rocky pieces as a treat.


Rocky ate it whole. Scarfed it down. The little Chihuahua piggy loved it, as he loves all food.

Lilly ate hers right away and loved it.

Toby held it in his mouth and then spit it out. He repeated that about four times. Then, my sister suggested he didn't like the size of it, so I broke a piece in three. He chowed down on them! The pieces were just too big! So I decided to take a hammer to the bag to break up the pieces a tiny bit. BUT HE LOVED IT!!!!!! Toby has never enjoyed eating anything (treats, kibble, canned, raw meats, anything!) other than bully sticks before. It was nice to see him like a food.

Then they all proceeded to hunt around the dining room for more for over an hour. LOL.

I am going to Disney World this weekend with my mom, but my dad and sister have agreed to feed Toby separately so he can start his ZP tomorrow morning. And I actually have my mom considering putting Rocky on it too, so that's an improvement!
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Missy, it really was a relief! Yeah, for meals water will be added. I just gave him a piece as a treat tonight to make sure he liked it, because if it was up to him he would just never eat again and I didn't want to waste any. Maybe he will love the ZP so much that he will actually eat!!!
Good that he liked it. I cut my girls' ZP into 3-4 parts, then put water. They don't like the big chunks.

Have fun at Disney!
Yeah, that is what I am going to do. Thanks!
It is short for Ziwipeak. It is air dried raw food from New Zealand. It comes in three flavors- liver, venison, and venison and fish. It is a completely balanced raw diet with the convenience of kibble, because you feed it just like kibble. It kind of looks like a jerky... It has meat, organ, bones, vitamins, fish oil, and minerals.

It is not cheap, for sure. A 2.2 pound bag cost be about $30. But they eat very little of it and a 2.2 lb bag will last my 5.5 pound Toby about a month, maybe a little more. It is second best only to fresh raw.

You can buy it on Amazon, directly from ZP,,, and more.

Here is there website for more research. Welcome to ZiwiPeak - The ultimate raw dog food and cat food, for the healthiest of pets and all 100% pure natural, raw, meat » ZiwiPeak

I just decided to switch Toby after being here and learning a lot about dog foods and researching it extensively.
What are the benefits of this ZP?
Tiny, odorless (or minimal odor) poop.

Silky fur and good skin.

More easily processed by the dogs digestive system.

It is a 100% natural diet made from New Zealand venison, lamb and fish.

And of course all of the health benefits of a good, balanced, raw diet. Raw diets are best for dogs, but I do not have the time to do full raw right now. So I settled on ZP, which is air dried pre-made raw. It is a complete food and provides total nutrition.

From the website Mr. Chewy:
ZiwiPeak sources only the best, 100% natural ingredients from New Zealand pastures and oceans for your Fido and Fluffy's dinner bowl including: venison, lamb, New Zealand green=lipped mussels, fish, kelp and a heaping helping of livers, lungs, hearts and kidneys – a natural source of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. What you won't find in these recipes are added sugars, salts, glycerines, antibiotics, hormones, preservatives or carbohydrates such as potatoes, grains, rice, beet pulp, wheat glutens or cornmeal.

Great job. So glad Toby liked it.
And it looks like you are being a
positive influence on your mom
as well, that is fantastic.:)
Thanks! I was so happy, too. I was concerned because His Highness is picky. He only eats for sustenance, not enjoyment like many dogs. And he fights tooth and nail to eat even a treat, breakfast and dinner are miserable. So this was a pleasant surprise. I hope it continues, but I have a feeling it will.

My mom agreed to pay for Toby's food for six months. After that, I will pick it up. I convinced her that if after the first month Toby is doing well, she will buy a bag for Rocky. She doesn't want to rock the boat with Lilly who does so good on the BB, at her age with her illnesses. But if I can get Rocky on it, I will be happy. I am trying to get her or my sister to come on here, but so far they refuse. They get their info from me, they say.
Toby is "my boy" to others, too. And he has a name that could very easily be a little boys name which makes it even more crazy for others.

LS, I tried. I told them there are cute little tiny Chis on here like KC, Ginger, Gemma, and Bella. And lots of handsome boys and beautiful princesses. They don't like the idea, I guess. I haven't tried the three boobed woman tactic yet, but I could do that next...
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