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What a wonderful bulletin board!

In November we added Rosie to our family (husband, 2 girls aged 2 & 4 and Scooch the 1 year old cat)

I had an extremely hard time trying to find a chihuahua in our area (Ottawa, ON, Canada). I thankfully found a wonderful person in Mississauga (4 hours away) who was looking for a home for Rosie.

The girls and I decided to take a road trip to my sisters (lives in that area). Originally we had thought we would go and meet Rosie, then think about it for a couple of days while visiting my sister and then pick her up on the way home.

But after the girls and I saw her - there was no way we were going to leave her! It was love at first sight!

and she's been part of our family ever since!
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What a neat story! Glad you and Rosie found us! WELCOME. :wave:
Hello and Welcome :hello2:

Yes please post a pic of Rosie as soon as you can!

Glad you found us!
Welcome to the forum! :) What a wonderful story of how you found Rosie. How old is she, what does she weigh, etc.?
WELCOME to our chi world!! :wave: :wave:
welcome :wave: like i said a thousand times before, we will always "find" the baby that is perfect for us. your story is more proof! can't wait to see pics :)

I'm a new mom too,I'm looking forward to seeing pics of Rosie :) Congrats!!!!!
Hello & welcome Can't wait to see pics of your baby :wave:
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