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Today was Lexi's first walk in the park!
She had such a great time I'm so proud of her!!

At first she just kind of sat on the grass sniffing around her immediate area, but then she perked up and started walking.

We met a Cairn Terrier, its owner was an older man and he couldn't believe the size of Lexi. His dog was really sweet and friendly.
Then we met a HUGE male Doberman! I saw him running towards me so I picked her up and was talking to his owner (who also happened to be quite cute! :D ) The dog was absolutely gorgeous and had a really docile nature. If Lexi wasn't so small I swear I'd have one!

Then on the way home, I popped her onto the pavement to see if she'd walk on it (as she wasn't too keen at the start) and she trotted happily alongside me all the way home!! She stopped and sat on command when we crossed the road, and climbed up the pavement like it was a mountain!

We went to the dog show at lunchtime, to socialise and see if there were any other chi's there. But there weren't :(
There are other chi owners in my area, i've seen them from a distance, but not to talk to. It was nice anyway at the dog show, we saw all sorts of dog breeds including the most lovely little maltese terrier! She was so soft and fluffy.

I'm sooo happy to be getting out and about with her, we were getting so depressed sitting in all day when it's sunny! It's not the same carrying her in her carrier.
Looking forward to many more walks :)

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I am so happy for you and Lexi.. I am glad her first trip on the ground was a great one...

Gadget loves being outside.. he would rather be outside then inside most days... I am glad I have a covered fenced yard for him to go out in....

It is like revovling doors around here now..
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