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flea spray when pregnant????

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I have a question that i hope someone can help me with. Gracie is going to be a little momma we think and i noticed a flea on her it safe for me to spray her with some flea spray ...or spray some on a napkin and rub it on her?? :wave:
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I would suggest reading the label on the flea spray bottle or can.
You might just try giving her a bath in a mild shampoo, it will remove the fleas from her but you will still be left with the problem of fleas in her sleeping area and in your house.
You should get it taken care of before the puppys are born so it doesn't cause them harm.
Hi there, flea meds for pregnant dogs is a big issue that has come up over the last couple years. Up until recently the United States there are NO flea preventatives that have been properly studied in terms of their negative effect on fetuses or puppies.

You will be pleased to know that Frontline Plus, Advantage, and Program have all been tested in Europe and do not cause problems in pregnant mothers or their puppies.

Frontline Top-spot, Proban, and Pro-spot have not been tested and should not be used on Pregnant mothers or puppies under 10 weeks.

As far as the flea spray, I'm not sure because most of the OTC animal drugs are not FDA approved.

Most over the counter flea sprays state not to use on a pregnant or nursing female. I used a flea comb when my bitch was pregnant-did not want to risk the litter for a few fleas.
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