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Flea treatments????

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I seem to have a flea problem now. I wish I knew where it came from, but for now it is driving us all CRAZY!!!!
Someone told me to give a brewers yeast tablet once a day and the fleas would leave. I take it the pup will taste bad or something. Has anyone ever tried this or have any other ideas? Short of taking everyone in (1 GSD, 1 Lab mix, 1 Chi and 2 cats) for flea dips, which could be harmful, what can I do?
I have washed everything, sprayed all the furnichure with flea stuff, and given everyone a bath with flea shampoo. (Go ahead, laugh... the cats hate me and my arms still hurt!) :lol:

I need some help because I know this isn't good for them. I sure can't wait for winter... maybe I can kill them all. (the fleas) :wink:

Thanks in advance
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A few years back I had a flea problem. My vet sold a product called Flea Stoppers. You put it in your carpet and it's guaranteed for 1 year. I had really great results with it. I couldn't find many online sites that carry it except this one. It tells alittle bit about the product:

Also, when I worked for a vet, I remember one lady who boarded her dog. She put garlic powder in her dogs food. Apparently that is a natural way to prevent fleas from biting the dog. Don't quote me on that. That is what the lady told me.
I guess I should have added that my home is all hardwood floors or tile. I take the area rugs outside and beat the devil out of them once a week and vacum them at LEAST twice a week as well. you know, kids, animals... anyone want to help me sweep and mop? :lol: :D It is amazing just how much dust and hair you find every day!!

I wonder how you would know how much garlic or even the yeast if it works, to give them. Any ideas? And I guess I'll need to stock up on breath mints too!


Mammadog, I wonder if Missouri just really got the fleas bad this year. My last dog died this year (I wrote about it when I signed on here). She died after I put Bio-Spot on her for her fleas. It was a matter of about 7 hours or so that I found her after applying this and she was gone. Devastation hit my whole family. I am only telling you this because that name brand has a bad reputation I found out and when I did my search on the internet and talking to the FDA, other dogs died from this as well. It bothers me so much that it is still on the market. So please do not use this!! After she died, I realized that I still had fleas in my house :shock: I tried the Borax thing(I cleaned everything!) and it did work, but then a week later I started seeing baby ones, so I must have not killed the larvae?? I have to tell you, I called an exterminator and for less than $100 I had my whole house(he sprayed from top to bottom!) and yard sprayed, they were gone. That was sooooo worth it!! My chi now uses Advatage and she is flea free. My vet also told me that Missouri never had a full freeze last year, so that is why they are bad, they never died from last year!!
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A friend of mine uses Yeast with her dog. She said it works really good. But at certain times of the year it's not that affective.
Those were both very good sites, I'm glad you linked them. I have not had my house treated or the yard. For some reason the fleas are on my two cats and Lady, yet the other two dogs are fine.

I'm going to try the yeast treatment and give her a bath with baby shampoo every few days as well as the cats... wish me luck there. I only hope this works along with having the furniture and beds cleaned. Boy oh boy, I'll have a LOT of laundry to do! I will wash all the bed linens and rugs as well.

Thanks for your help and I hope this works. If not... advantage here I come.

dont know if you get it over there but over here we have a treatment called spot on do any of you in the uk know about it and is it not harmfull i used it on my animals yesterday its just alittle squirt on the back of the neck it works a treat. the animals seem fine i just was woundering how safe for them this is?
MammaDog said:
For some reason the fleas are on my two cats and Lady, yet the other two dogs are fine. MD
Fleas will go to cats before dogs...........and there is some Dimascious(I am spelling it wrong) dirt or something that kills them in the yard and is safe but it only works in dry weather.
I'm glad I found this thread! I found fleas just a couple days ago and put some stuff called "natural flea and tick remover' by comfy pets.. so far it hasn't done anything. Although I only put it on the cats. I put something else on Lassie (can't think of the name) and nothing on Dolly (the chi) yet. I'm not sure what's safe yet. I was thinking if this doesn't work then i'm going to buy frontline but it's so expensive.. esp for 2 dogs and 5 cats. flea baths haven't worked for me.. neither has flea collars or anything coming from a wal-mart.. the cheap stuff doesn't do a thing.
No the cheap stuff doesn't work at ALL! Well my cats hat me now, and since I didn't put the baby shampoo on their face, (I saw a few fleas near their eyes and mouth while bathing them) I know they still have a ffew fleas... UGH I'll have to do it again and hope none get to their face before I get the shampoo around their neck.
I had the SAME problem with Lady, I got the shampoo around her neck then noticed a BUNCH had run on her face. I am sure I wasn't able to get them all off and will try to pull any I see tonight but I don't know.

I used baby tearless shampoo, and just COATED her with it. It seemed to kill a lot of them and I just pulled them off with tweezers, but after awhile she was fed up with me messing with her. Has anyone else used baby shampoo before? Do you think it is still tearless for a dog, and safe is I put it on her face? I wasn't sure so I didn't. I know ti doesn't bother my kids, but Lady is a fur kid...

I thought the Frontline was expensive at first too. but its well worth it after the shampooing ect. Ive alsways had cats and a few years ago the fleas got so bad here i had to bomb the house it was awful. The frontline was well worth it.
The best thing about Advantage and Frontline is that when your dog has it on, any fleas on her and around where she lays dies. So, they will still jump on her if in the house, but will die and fall off of her. I tried to save money the first time and had devastation, now I know it is worth the money. Good luck, it isn't fun and sometimes when you think the fleas are gone, they come back because they have life cycles. That is why I had to have the house sprayed, I just couldn't stand finding them. They weren't bad, but he told me for every one that I found, there were 20 more! YUK!!!

Cookie has flea when the breeder gave him to me.
and what i did was i bathed him with johnson2 and then took the flea off his body one by one by hand. (took me about 1-2 hour)
you need to press the flea so hard so it died. be carefull with your hair (especially if you have a long hair) cause flea jump..

if you are not sure you can also buy flea comb...
that helps you to see if your baby still have flea or not.. (my vet used them too)

Then apply frontline to him..

hope that helps...
Fleas will go to cats before dogs...........and there is some Dimascious(I am spelling it wrong) dirt or something that kills them in the yard and is safe but it only works in dry weather.
It is called Diatomaceous Earth, and I have heard that it will work 100% on fleas. I read an article where it says it cuts throught the fleas exoskeleton and basically the fleas dehydrate and die. I have not used it yet, but am highly thinking about it, since I now have a flea party on my chi's. The only thing is don't let them or you breathe it in or get in your eyes, as it will irritate it very much I hear.
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