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How do you know if your dog has fleas? :( How big are they? What are the signs? What should I look for? I don't think Hershey has fleas but I'm not sure :? . Could someone help me with this? Thanks alot :oops:
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symptoms are a lot of scratching :D

you can see it if you run your finger through the fur either see black spikkels like sand or filth....that's the flea's poo
and when you see a flea you will know :wink: it's a brownish little insect and it moves rapidly !!! i can only describe it as a mini-mini-beetle like thingy......

kisses nat
and if you give a bath and see the water running red like blood. it's the flea "dirt" or poops.
they are horrid little creatures :twisted: and your poor baby chi will scratch up a storm. the best place to look for the little monsters is at the base of the ears (where it meets the neck) they seem to like it around the neck. they are black and move like lightning. If ya got em get frontline plus or advantage, treat your yard and house also. :wink:
Thanks guys you were a great help. My baby is itching but I think I is mostly frim her still unidentified red spots.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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