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my chi is about 5 weeks old and i'm seeing little critters crawling all over him....since he's so young, what can i do?
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I don't really know what you can do about fleas on such a young puppy. I know you can give him a bath right now but that might be about it :( . You might have to wait it out for a few more weeks until you can try other things. Maybe someone else knows something you can try. :wave:
You could get a flea comb and pick them off of him until he is old enough for medication. My vet said if they where in your house that you could use some brand of Laundry detergent called Mule something or something Mule and sprinkle it on your carpet and furniture and that it would damage the outer shell of the flea and kill them but it was safe around humans and pets.
Hmmm, I know what you are going thru because I had the same problem with Poppy. I got her at 10 weeks old and she was crawling with fleas.
The vet said at the time that she couldnt be treated with Frontline (which is excellent) until she was 12 weeks old. So he washed her with some special flea shampoo at the clinic and then we went over her with a fine tooth comb and removed the fleas one by one. Its not pleasant but it does give the pup some relief.
Afterwards, we had to wash all her old bedding and spray the areas of the house where she had been with a flea repellant. I live in Beijing so I dont know whats available where you live, but it certainly helped alot.
At 12 weeks Poppy got the Frontline treatment, on the back of her neck, and now she is totally flea free.
There is another Chi owner on this forum who has a tiny puppy the same age as yours, the pups name is Dezi. I know that he washed Dezi at 5 weeks with a flea shampoo and it helped...but maybe ask your vet before you do anything.
Good luck and I hope you will be flea free soon! :wave:
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i caught a flea last week when i combed her, i caught 2 more tonight

what shampoo can i use on Sparkey right now thats safe?
puppy shampoo

flea comb

spary the whol of your house including bedding etc and anywhere sparky goes

if he has fleas he also is going to have worms - has he been treated with this I think they have it done every 2 weeks at ghis age but read the bottle - you can get a syrupy sort of thing for pups
cool, good to know

he hasn't been dewormed yet, i'm going to get that done next week
Raz gets a bath twice a day right now because his flea medication is wearing off and the vet said to wait until after the next visit to put more on him....may over load his system.

He's already had medication for worms and we have to dose him again sunday so I'm not worried about that.

Definately change the bed clothing in his crate or where ever he sleeps after each bath.
he hasnt been dewormed at all yet - :shock:

he should have been done twice by his age
should i get a "self deworming" or let the vet give him a pill?
you can get puppy wormer from pet stores :wave:
Wormers are so annoying to me. They have some that take care of 2-3 types of worms but tapeworm isn't included in those. And if he has fleas the type of worm he might have would be the tapeworm. Tapeworm is spread by the ingestion of fleas. Tapeworm meds that you buy from a pet store can be somewhat dangerous and they have a bad rap for not really working that great. I don't remember if you said he's been to the vet yet or not but maybe you could make an appointment to just get all of that done at once. :wave: Oh yeah, and the wormers from the vet for tapeworm, I think are cheaper since you only pay for the ammount you need and not the whole bottle, like at the stores. :wink:
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