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~Floppy Eared Chihuahuas~(pictures)

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Hey there! :ngreet2:

This thread is dedicated to our imperfectly perfect floppy eared Chihuahuas!

They might be disqualified from the show ring, but they sure aren't disqualified from our hearts! :love2:

If you have a floppy Chi, please post a picture! :p

I'll start, here is Chanel at 9 months old. :flower:

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Well, Ruby is two weeks short of 18 months, so she is not a puppy. It is officially perma-flop for her unless something miraculous happens. I'd be fine with a miracle but if we were going to get one, I'd rather allocate it to stopping Hope from growing mysterious masses!

She comes from an AKC show breeder and her daddy is a Champion who has been at several nice breeders around the country. She has a perfect bite, walks just like a show dog but was sold to us (yay for us!) because her ears would not stand by 14 weeks.

Anyway, here she is in all her floppedness:

This is about as much "air" as they get:

The only time we see what she would look like with them up is when she is being goofy:
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I SO wish Baylee's ears would've gone up, I still am not completely 100% OK with it, BUT she's my baby and I love her regardless. I honestly thought at one point they were going up, because the tips of ears were the only things down, but no such luck.

How she'd look if they were up:

How my silly goose looks all natural:

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Great thread, I'm rather partial to the floppy eared pups. Someone should think of a fancy name for them, like the floppy eared version of the Papillon is called a Phalene. (The former being French for butterfly, the latter French for moth.)
Such cutie pie photos! This is such a nice forum where you just get to look at unbelievable cuteness all day long! As for floppy ears, I'm ambi-eartex! I like them both styles. Nala happens to be the floppy eared type and I think it looks good on her, as it does with your dogs.
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WOO HOO!!! I LOVE this thread for my flop-earred baby! We know she is not desirable as far as breed requirements, but her ears are what attracted me to her and what we love about her to this day. :love7: Sometimes she can pick one of them up, but most of the time that's just too hard and down they go. lol
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Love all the floppy ear cuties.
Omggg they r all so cute! Mochas ears stood at 7 weeks and are still flying high and growing each week... All ur pics are so gorgeous!!!
Usually at least one of Zoey's stands... but there are times when both are floppy. I do so love the tiny little thing.
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Most everyone here knows I have a "flopped" ear chihuahua. I remember when we got him 2 different breeders strongly suggested we tape his ears up, give him calcium pills and try some other things. All of which we said no to. If his ears went up fine and if they didn't we would love him just the same. We have seen them up only when he is laying on his back like Jesuschick said.

The day we bought Jasper home we knew his ears were never going to go up:

Laying down:

Jasper's over the shoulder handsome look:

Jasper's extremely happy look:

We seriously adore his ears being down ...he is just so damn cute!
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Have ya'll noticed all our flop-eared darlings ears are down in all our siggys too?
They are all just too dang cute! Who card if they stand up or not ? Standard shmandard. Lol chicas ears don't totally stand up I think they are kind of crinkly.
I just can't imagine any of these Chi's with non floppy ears, they are perfect as is and their ears make them individual and special! They are all gorgeous!!!

I have no floppy ear experience. I have a pic of Ax when he was 4 weeks old and his ears were up and Chloe's ears were up when I first went to see her at 6 weeks (although they did go down when she was really tired for the first week or two).
hi im sure enjoying all the little floppyears their all too cute
WOW how did I miss this?! SO many cuties! :cloud9:
Thank you all for posting the pictures.

I would like to add recent shots of Chanel, she is 9.5 months now, and the floppy ears are definitely staying.

So does anyone else have a floppy eared Chi?
You know how I would love to see!!! :p
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This was actually the pic I took to show what Lulu's ears look like all the time, but I couldn't get it to load. I tried again and it worked so if ya'll don't mind--here it is. This is the way she looks all the time. Unless of course she's on her back sound asleep.
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i love the floppy ears! I'd be happy either way..They're all so cute!
I love floppy-eared Chi's! They are so cute! Ote's ears are huge and very high flying, though. But the floppy-ears are very cute to admire!
Well Lily is a chi / terrier, so not technically a chi with floppy ears, but she does have floppy ears which are adorable!! They seem to have a mind of their own and change everyday (sometimes both down, sometimes both up but normally one up one down)

Olive on the other hand has huge ears that are always up, only when she is super sleepy do the tips of her ears flop a bit.

Both down...

Both up....

One up, one down...
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