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floppy ears after spay

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so zoey's ears have been extra floppy lately. it's very weird because up until her spaying they stood straight up!! first only one was flopped over and how both are! how strange...... has this happened to anyone's chi? i wonder if this is common or if zoey just got tired of having her huge ears standing straight up! :lol:
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I think Zoey is just absolutely precious!!! She looks cute even w/the ears floppy, Lola's does that too. I didn't see a difference after spaying. I did though while she was teething, which she still is. She is 6 months old. Ya know something funny? Zoey looks like a girl, she really does!! Very pretty.
Chi's ears will go up and down for the first 6 months-or-so. If the ears are not up continually by 6 months, they probably won't come up. Tucker's ears went up and down quite a bit before they remained up consistently.
She looks like my Dazey except Dazey has a small white patch on her forehead. Her ears have never stood up.
She had a pretty big surgery, her ears will probably come back up, right now her body's main focus is on healing. You can massage her ears to, this helps.
thanks! we'll definitely massage her ears! :) i actually don't mind either way-- with her ears floppy or standing up, i adore her..........
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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