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floppy ears today

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:? I was wondering if anyone could tell me if chis let there ears flop if they are having mood changes? I have been dogsitting and Posha hasnt held her ears up at all today this is day2 of the dogsitting. She seems fine she just wont hold her ears up.
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I know Seiah has floppy ears when he's really tired. I saw it once but it was cute, then after I called his name they perked up. I'm pretty sure Porscha's will be up again soon.
Im not sure why that happens but I wish Peanut's ears would do that.. I think it looks adorable and makes the dog have a much more expressive face!

I once had two dogs. One was a full blooded chi (Cocoa), and the other was a half chi half dashund (Muffin). We had Cocoa long before we had Muffin. So I know Cocoa's ears could stand up, but Muffin's just couldn't make it due to her father being a dashund. Once Muffin came to live with us Cocoa's ears never stood completely straight again at the same time. She would perk one up and the other would floop, or they would both flop. I joked that it was peer pressure.
Hopw old is Porsha ? once they hit around 4 months on they start teething and this can cause the ears to go completely back down or one ear at a time depending on what side she is teething first - dont worry they will be back up :wave:
my chi baby britney is 3 months and her ears were completely flopped over but this week one came right up and today the other is 3 1/4s of the way up fingers crossed she can keep them wacking great ears up ha lol
If Gizmo is tired, his ears will flop...or if he is content...lazy etc...

Otherwise if he is upset their up
My chi, Oliver, is 14 months old and has one very erect ear and one ear that is partly floppy. Sometimes it almost goes up - but being that he is over a year now, I'm inclined to think the one ear will NEVER go up and stay up now. When I first got him at 9 weeks old I think it was, both ears were up. Then they were both down for a while, then as mentioned - one went up, one stayed mostly down. I asked my vet about it and his answer was: 'we are what we are.' I guess that meant not to worry about it and Oliver is just Oliver with one ear up and one partly down. It used to be on my mind more, now I could care less. I love him so much and people tell me he has character with it that way LOL. And I never got him to "show" him or breed him - he's just my 4-legged son.

Porsha is 11 weeks and has held her ears up beautifully since 6 weeks old this is day 3 now and she still has them flopped :? chis are funny dogs :wink: she looks cute with them flopped i was just worried it meant something was wrong.
porshas_momma said:
Porsha is 11 weeks and has held her ears up beautifully since 6 weeks old this is day 3 now and she still has them flopped :? chis are funny dogs :wink: she looks cute with them flopped i was just worried it meant something was wrong.
It was actually in an article a while back someone posted on this forum that gave me piece of mind that the ears being floppy did not mean anything was wrong. I noted it was not too uncommon either. There was a time when both of Oliver's ears partially flopped and I remember thinking well that's kinda cute and I almost wished if the one wasn't going to go up - they had both stayed down. He's just too cute with one totally up and one only partially up. I have read that you can put a piece of tape on the floppy ear and "train" it to go up. I did that with Oliver for about 3 days on the one ear and it did keep it up and I could see how conceivably that "could" work but he HATED the tape and it seemed to bug him that it was there so I took it off. I care more about how he is doing with things than his ear being up I guess. :)
cosmo's ears are completely down .....but he's teething too , i hope they get up soon you can see in my siggy he's so handsome with his ears up !!!
vienna's ears flop a little when she's tired ......or when she's sleeping :wave:

kisses nat
Chico's ears are always flopped. when he was a pup they were all the way flopped down, but now its just the tips that flop down. i love it, i think he looks so cute. i never want his ears to change. :)
Cocoa always has ears up and then down.

She is addorable with the flopping ears i was just worried she was sad or something but i guess she is fine im fine with it as long as she is ok thats all that matters. :D
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