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Floppy ears

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Sophy's ears have always stood up very nicely. This last week..they are floppy..most of the time. She looks silly. Does anyone know of any reason why they would do this?
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is she teething or sick? That can be why. How old is she?
Sophy will be 1 yr old on July 26th. She dosn't act sick. Eating well..playing. She is all done teething.
hmmmmmmmmmmmm dunno then. Maybe someone else will :(
Not really sure. I know Angel's tend to flop when she gets really tired.
I am I am taking her to the Dr. at noon today. She does seem to be tired a lot.
Sophy went to the Dr..and he said she had a few ear mites! I don't know where these little pest come from..but she only goes outside for an occasional walk. Once they washed her ears out..and put the med in them..her ears were perked back up. Thanks for all your help!
glad you found the problem :wave: i hope cosmo's ears will come straight again too ......

kisses nat
That is great news that the dr found the problem and that all is well again!!
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