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Floppy Ears

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Sally Mae just turned 12 weeks this past Friday. Her ears aren't looking like they will ever come up, as you can see in the pics. They've never stood, not even for a second. If she is laying on her back I can see what she would look like if her ears were to stand. She is getting creases in her ears too. I want them to stand, but I don't think they will. Can you guys tell me how floppy your chis' ears were at this age and how old they were when they finally did come up? Sally Mae's ears feel thinner than Rootie's did. Can you tell me if your chis' ears are thin or thicker? Also what can I do to help them to stand? Thanks everybody!
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Oh gosh she is soooo cute!! I love her little face.

Bosco's ears stood up at about 10 weeks of age I believe...but then he had an allergic reaction to a shot and they fell back down for another couple weeks.

Lola is 8.5 weeks and hers aren't standing up, nor do they look like they will be for a while. Her ears seem thicker than Bosco's ever were. Plus I think they are really big so maybe because of the weight they will take longer to stand up.
My breeder mentioned that you can tape them up if you have a problem. I'm not quite sure how to go about that but I'm sure someone can help. Callie is 16 weeks now and her ears only droop when she tired but gosh does Sally Mae ever look adorable with those floopy ears!
they will come up they are half way there see the base is erect it is only the tops they usually say if they havent come up by 6 months they wont but they will Im sure :wave:
ozzysmom said:
they will come up they are half way there see the base is erect it is only the tops they usually say if they havent come up by 6 months they wont but they will Im sure :wave:
I agree...Stinky looked like that at 12 weeks (or more :scratch: can't remember) it took him AGES to get his ears up..and I mean AGES..and they would come up and down until he got used to them being don't worry it looks like they are coming up nicely :D
I agree.. they look like they will come up. My one chi had up ears from the day Igot him and his sister who I got also had button ears then only one stood up for ALONG time. now they both are stick straight and standing tall. they never flop only slick back when she is being passive
Pip's ears can't decide what they want to do. It took a while, they flopped just like your little one's, even up to four months. Then, all of a sudden they were UP. Then, down again, then up again, then one down, one up, now both are up most of the time, but every now and then one flops. Pip is seven months old. I wonder if a lot depends on their moods and if they are tired or not. Give your baby time.
OK, here is a link that explains how to tape the ears.

good luck!
Piper's were straight up when we got her at 8 weeks, they went over at 12 weeks, and they started coming up about two weeks ago, at almost 18 weeks. Now they're standing tall! :D
Owned, I know you've heard this (or read) but Piper is so GORGEOUS!!! :love4:
Thanks everyone for the words of encouragement and the link to instructions on how to tape up her ears if need be! I do like her floppy ears, but I want to know that they can stand too....for variety! lol I kinda hope they go back and forth! You guys are great! I feel much better about it now. :D
Richie is 6 month old and his ears just started to stand up from time to time...I love him with floppy ears too, but really wish they will stand! :D

Richie's mom
Floppy ears

Oh My Gosh! She is sooooo cute. I like her ears floppy! Poncho and Lola's ears stick straight up, but I know my friends pup took about 6-7 months to pop up fully. She is too cute!
P-Nut's ears seemed to take quite awhile before they stood straight up... it will happen. I wish P-nut still had the floppy lil ears sometimes :)
Gizmo, gremlins, yoda, the bird things from Laberynth, and satellites. That is what I think of when I look at Pip. Their ears are so adorable. I think that is what really makes a chi. Straight up, floppy or one up one down! They are all simply too cute :lol:
Yeah, I have the same thing with Peanut. We got her at 8 weeks. She is 12 weeks now and her ears are kind of coming up. When we first got her they were very floppy. I'm hoping they will naturally come up versus taping them. I think if they come up, she will look more like a chi. Right now, everyone thinks she's a mini lab. They don't believe she's a chi... LOL :wink:

BTW. My chi was 2.6lbs at 9 weeks. Is that normal?
Sally Mae is 14 weeks old and she weighs a little under or just 2lbs now. The chi weight chart says she will be 3.5 to 4 lbs when she's grown.

2.6lbs is 41.5oz. and at 9 weeks on the chi weight chart it only goes up to 35oz. and at that weight the puppy should be 6lbs full grown. I would venture to say that Peanut will be bigger than 6lbs, but you never know. You can't rely solely on the weight chart. It is only a guide. Chis come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, personalities and we love them all!!
How much does she weigh? She looks tiny.
Sooo adorable...those eyes are so mesmerizing!
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