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How long is your flight?

I just flew up to Chicago from Maryland and back again to get my 10 week old puppy and she did fine. The flight was only 2 hours and she slept the whole way. I bought her a soft sided carrier and put a fake sheepskin in the bottom of it with a couple of small toys. She didn't go potty at all. I think because there was not enough room and the carrier was like a little bed.
If you have to change planes at some time can you find a spot at the airport where you can put a pad on the floor and give him the opportunity to go if he needs to? Of coarse you'll have to take a harness and leash with you to do this.

Has your puppy ever taken a ride in a car? If so did he get sick or anything?
I agree with Vala on the sedative. It really shouldn't be necessary unless you know your puppy is going to get sick.
Make sure you check what size carrier the airline allows for carry on.
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