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Food Aggression Problem

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Guinness has started being food aggressive with his Auntie Shadow. He is not aggressive with humans in his food - and he has no problem going into HER bowl when she is eating - but god forbid she go into his bowl when he is eating. He turns Cujo. Does anyone have any remedies to fix this situation before it gets out of hand?
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Oh there was something about that in the book chihuahuas for dummies, I can't remember off the top of my head. But i'll look for it and post what it said.
feed them seperately............

or let them work it out! :)
I don't think feeding them separately will fix the problem. I don't want that aggression AT ALL. I have the CHI FOR DUMMIES book.. I'll have to re-read it!
ONE dog is gonna be alpha period.............
Find one of those 2-in one bowls and put food in both sides?
Sadie is alpha in our house, so when she growls Ritz just steals a few pieces and runs away.
Sorry to hear you are having this problem , one idea
is to feed them both at the same time but only give them
a little food , maybe out of your hands so they are
both as equal as each other or scatter feed ( throw
all the food on the floor spread out so they go off the 'food
is a big thing ' idea & no one has a bowl to get aggressive
over , this may help :) & may sort it ...

Sara xx
Today I fed Shadow first, showing that he WASN'T Alpha. Then, after feeding him, in the middle of it, I gave it to shadow to hav ea bite, and then let him go over and finish it.

He was also moody today at the dog park, growling and showing teeth at the pugs during some pug meetup. It was pretty embarassing because he is such a love bug otherwise. Maybe it's a hormonal thing? (He is coming up on six months..)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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