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food for chi puppy

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My chi puppy is 8 or 9 months old, and is way more interested in my cats' food (science diet hairball formula) than the food I got for him (science diet puppy food). Does anyone forsee a big problem with this? He has been eating this way since I got him a week ago, and seems to be functioning normally (peeing, pooping, etc.).

If I need to get him onto other food, any recommendation for a type that chi puppies are crazy about?

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it is not great to feed cat food as it has things in that cats need but dogs dont and it is not known wether it is harmful or not - try him on adult dog food if he doesnt like the puppy :wave:
My cat eats the same thing Science Diet hairball formula except it's for Seniors. Frasier is on SD puppy and adult food mixed because I'm changing him to SD adult slowly. The puppy food is better for your pup than the cat's food. Frasier likes the cat food too though. What I do is keep the cat's food on a shelf Frasier can't reach. The cat jumps right up there to eat. Frasier gets only 2 or 3 bits of cat food a day because sometimes the cat throws it to him.
Chico had the same problem, along with going into the litter box (eeewww) so I put the cats food and litter box in a small room and gated it to keep him out. If your chi is a picky eater, I'd go and get samples of puppy food and see which one he likes...whichever one he likes the best, then i'd go with that. good luck!
Yah, I got the same problem with Porsha she is on science diet puppy and would rather eat the cat food I have 2 cats and this weekend my husband said he was gonna build a bench to put the cat food up on so the cats can eat in peace and Porsha will only be able to get to her food. :wink:

Makes one wonder why they would rather have the cat food huh? :?
hehe sounds familiar :D ....

now i found it ...i give them mixed kibble (eukanuba, royal canin , poffed rice and science hill's) with canned science hill's and snippered chicken or ham (little bit )

and all of them love it ...they attack their food ...THANK GOD ... i found something that works for the three of them :wink:

kisses nat
I'm pretty sure cat food is bad for dogs , cat food is very high
in acid and other stuff that i'm sure is not good for dogs ...
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