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Food for tiny puppy

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I have a new boy puppy who weighs 10 oz. and is 6 weeks old. Wondering about food and snacks??????? Feeding him Nutrical 3-4 x a day with canned Sc.Diet. Any recommendations? I am worried about him getting low blood sugar.
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I'd get some Royal Canin or NetroMax or Wellness dry food and leave it out for him to eat whenever he wants and give him a bit of yogurt everyday. If he doesn't like the hard crunchies of the dry food you can always soak it in a bit of warm water or broth.

Oh BTW, welcome to another Okie
welcome :D when he's so small you can mix some canned food (like your science ) with a bit moistened eukanuba or royal canin ....
so they can eat easier.....and have all the nutrients :wave:

kisses nat
Welcome :wave:
Both of the above posts are good advice, I wouldn't give him the NutriCal unless he's acting like he might have low blood sugar. If he's eating good and drinking water he should be fine, a little bit of the NutriCal probably won't hurt though he is a little guy and 6wks is early to be away from his momma.
iv always gave my tiny tiny pups a bit of hony on my finger it keeps there sugar levels up apparently
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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