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Okay so starting in September I will have 5 new roommates!!!!!! 3 of my friends and their 2 dogs! And I am freaking out!!!!!!

So their dogs are younger than my Cami, she is 9 months but they are bigger.
Zorro a boy Chihuahua thats about 7 months old and it probably about 8 pounds.
And Charlotte a girl Chihuahua/Poodle mix thats the same size as Zorro, and the same age.

They are around each other everyday sense we live in the same apt complex and their Mommys are my good friends :) All goes well when they are outside together, but last night I had Charlottes Mom over to watch a movie and I told her to bring Char so her and Cami could keep eachother company.

Bad soon as she came into the house Cami started attacking her, bitting at her neck, and growling at her :( Charlotte didnt even care she thought Cami was playing and just sat there and wagged her tail. After a while they settled down and we where sitting on the couch Cami in my lap and Charlotte jumped up and everytime she came near me Cami would growl and try and bite her :( :( I felt so bad because Cami usually doesnt act like this...she only does towards Charlotte. She LOVES Zorro and never acts that way towards him.

So those of you with lots of pups how can I get Cami to enjoy being around Charlotte?
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