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For all you girlys out there , here is Yoda again...

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Here are some pics of Yoda

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Gosh Yoda is so friggen cute and so are you :D How much does he weigh now...he so small :) :wave:
Can I have him please!!!??????? J/K!!!! He is sooooo adorable I love that second picture! :D
Yoda is just too adorable. Love both of those first 2 pics :D
He's such a handsome boy, he is going to have the girls chasing him big time, that colorful throw really flatters his coloring too. You're gorgeous too.
Aww everyone thank you :D :D

Yoda weighs 3.5 lbs now... :D
OMG Yoda is so freakin cute!!! He's just adorable!
usmcjess said:
Aww everyone thank you :D :D

Yoda weighs 3.5 lbs now... :D
You sure he weighs that much??? Lily weighs just a bit more and she looks so much bigger. On the other hand, I stopped to pick her up from daycare the other day and she was still outside with several other dogs (rather than in a crate, as she usually is at that time of day). I looked out and saw her sitting there and I was shocked at how tiny she looked. :shock: I dunno why but I always forget just how small she is until I see her from a distance. Everybody says she's teensy so I guess she is. :dontknow:

I'm rambling, aren't I? :D
Yoda is so cute! I love his little face! :wink:
oh what a sweetheart he is !!! such a unique chi !! i love yoda :D

kisses nat
Oh dang, I forget to add how adorable Yoda looks! He just gets cuter every time we see him. His mom is pretty adorable too... you two make a lovely couple. :love8: :lol:
I love Yoda , he is so cute i just wanna squeeze him :love10:

There are so many cute chis on here i just cannot take it!!!! :shock:
great pics! you have the nicest smile! and yoda's got the cutest ears ever! what a pair!!!
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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