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Hi Everyone,
I am hoping that one or more of the chi breeders out there can help me with a question I have regarding raising my babies. First off, let me tell you that Mully whelped her pups in one of my two bathrooms, in a crate bottom. That is where she and the babies have been staying. That is the safest place for her and the babies. Also this being her first litter, we needed a quiet place for her, away from the daily commotion of my 3 kids and other dogs. And her first day with the babies, she wasn't sure whether she liked them too much. Happy to report she is a wonderful Mom!
Anyway, my question is: when can I bring mom and babies into my livingroom? My plan is to use a plastic kiddie pool and put it in the big empty corner. I was thinking 2 weeks should be a good age? I will be keeping the crate bottom in the pool, at least until they start crawling out of it. Also, what would be good to use for bedding in the pool?
It is very, very important to me for my little ones to be ULTRA social!!!!! I want people to come into my home and say "Wow, what friendly (happy/hyper/bouncy- will all work too) babies!"
Thanks in advance~
P.S. Any other socialization tips will be great!
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Sorry - can't help you as I'm not a breeder, nor do I have answers to any of your questions. We do have a couple of breeders on the forum, but I haven't seen them posting in a couple of days, so maybe they are gone for the holiday?
well the bathroom is a very active place with children and all. since they were just born i would leave them in the bottom part of the carrier Its really never a good idea to have mom and pups in heavy traffic areas with much commotion it can intefere with her feedings. If that area wher you want to put the pool is away from all and seems secluded I would move them now. but you must continue to check to make sure all pups are being fed. Me myself if my dogs were to whelp they stay with me in the bedroom from the night she goes in till pups eyes are opened. I wont leave her side the first 24 to 48 hours. then i would check every 15 to 30 minutes to make sure all is and stay to do any cleanings of the whelping box if needed. No one should be in the vacinity of the pups or handling themuntill they are vaccinated! :shock: Im sorry I had a delayed reaction. These are things you should know before breeding. I am keepin ma mouth shut some things are better off left unsaid :D
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