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Ok , heres the pics so what do ya think?? will i get chucked out the show ring :lol:
Anyone else please do comment ! :D

They are not very good as he wanted to do zoomies not stand!
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He looks great!
I know what you mean, they don't stand still for long do they!!
He's lovley! If you were to show him in the US you could possibly do well in the smaller shows. He has a cobby build which is a plus. His head isnt up to standerd completley, which is very important to most judges. This is all just from what I can see. Either way he is adorable! How old is he and whats his weight?
he is 4 months and he is 4lbs (big i know) but he is not tall just quite stocky. How is his head wrong please advise as i really need to learn! :D
In some of the pics it looks like he dosent have a definate stop between nose and skull. It also looks like his nose is a little long. But in your siggy he looks alot better, pics can be hard to tell. Are you sure he wont get over 6 pounds?
I dont know what weight he is going to be but both his parents were under 6lbs so we will have to see! if he goes over i will prob just do the fun shows for a laugh and think of getting a chi to show later in life . Thank-u for your comments :wave:
No problem! He is just so cute. :D How he looks is only a part of his show potential. His bite and how he moves is important too. :wave:
Yeah i have been told they take the whole package into consideration when showing , i think he moves really well but i am not an expert in chi showing only horses so i have a lot to learn! :wave:

Thank-u for helping me learn :D
You show horses? I used to show quarter horses and hunter/jumpers. What do you show?
my friend has a quarter horse he is so gorgeous , i used to do show jumping a lot but sold my jumper and got 2 foals. they are 4 now one of them is acoloured and i have qualified twice for chaps with him ( in hand) and i have a welsh section d, she is really hard to handle! very stubborn but my coloured is a joy to own , i have part brokn him and am actually selling them at the mo to get a show jumper again! :wave:
I loved the jumpers! My mother is very into the horse world, but going to shows every weeked just got too much for me. :cry:
Yeah its definaltly a life style , you have to be really into it , i havn't done any showing this year hust have not had time and not been well enough, nice 2 talk to another horsey-lover! :D
i'm no expert but tyson looks great to me :wink:

kisses nat
awwww tyson is adorable id second him to jake lol he is nice and stocky and thats a good thing he doesnt have a definate stop but i wouldnt worry about it alot of them dont at the shows i think your best to try it and see what you both think its all about thefun in my eyes and if you have fun thats great and if you get anywhere than even better but i seriously think he is adorable
You should post more photos of Tyson! I love seeing him. he reminds me so much of Tico - just a little darker color - but the exact same body style (and Tico was 5lbs at 4 1/2 months!).
He is so cute but he looks a little long in body...Are you thinking of showing him? If so you best bet would be to have him elvated but a show breeder/owner/handler. This is where they get hands on and feel him as if he was in a show they will be Honest and not hold back if they think he isn't showable. I would wait till he was a little older also atleast from 6 months to a year old.
He's beautiful. I'm certainly no expert but in my eyes he's a little winner, he's so adorable. :lol:
Thanks everyone for the nice comments , i will give it a go and see what happens we will do it for fun anyway if he doesnt win it doesnt matter hes still my baby :D
He looks very professional standing there LOL So cute !
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