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For Sale: Dog collar and lead

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Here’s a brand new, (tags are still on it), dog collar and lead made of webbed cotton in a soft shade of pink. The collar is 5/8” wide and adjusts 10” to 16” with a snap closure. The lead is 1” wide and is 6’ long.

I bought this off from e-bay, but it is too big for Vida.

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Thats a really pretty set, whats the price for those interested?
Be careful with snap closure collars for walking as if your dog pulls they can easily come out - I found this out and almost had a heart attack but ozzy just ran all the way home and was sat by the front door lucky for me :wave:
The snap closure on this is very sturdy. I know that some aren't as sturdy and that's one reason I love this one. I hate that it is too big for Vida.

I paid $12.00 including shipping, so I would like to get $10.00 for it.

It is worth way more than that. I have looked in stores for collars and leashes and they cost almost $15.00 or more.
it's very nice ....i hope you can sell it ...the price is very good

kisses nat
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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