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These are the forum rules as they appear on the forum.

If these rules are broken, you will be issued a warning and then banned from the site. See bottom of page for further information on our warnings and bans.


The purpose of the forum is to provide a place where visitors to this website may ask questions, discuss problems and share their experiences of the fun and love we all have for chihuahuas. Anyone is entitled to use the forum as long as they adhere to these rules.

Please note if ANY of these rules are broken it may result in a warning and then a ban from the site.

1. While we all have opinions, please keep your posts polite and friendly. Be respectful of others opinions even if you don’t agree - We will not tolerate spamming or flaming. Under no circumstance should you ever post personal information about another member on this board, i.e. full name, address, phone number, email, etc...

2. Posts relating to illegal topics, pornography etc. will not be tolerated.

3. You may not ever represent yourself as another person, company or entity.

4. We have a word censor in place to avoid having curse words used. DO NOT out-smart the censor by putting a space or a dash in words that you think may be censored. Please note that we try to keep the list of censored words as short as possible and expect members to keep profanity to a minimum to keep it that way.

You may introduce your own "chi" related or other commercial business in the buyers/sellers, bargains or links section (whichever is relevant) but there is a 150 post minimum before this is allowed. We reserve the right to remove any posts that we consider to be unnecessary advertising. Also please do not include a link to any business in your signature area, avatar or from your user name, but instead add it to your profile page in the Home Page URL section and you can start 1 thread in the links products section with a link to your etsy page or website. Like above this is after you have a minimum of 150 posts. We ask that you be an active member to continue advertising on the forum.
Unpaid advertising on this site is provided as a service to our members, if we feel that advertising becomes excessive, we will remove advertisements and advise the poster.

6. Users agree not to use the email addresses of any members of the forum for any other purpose than individual personal communication. Any mailing in bulk to the forum members or any unsolicited marketing email to members will result in immediate suspension of your membership.

7. If a post does get out of hand and rules have been broken, the post may be locked, deleted and/or edited to remove any flaming or cursing.

8. Please notify a moderator if you feel there is a problem with a thread or a member. Do not try to take matters into your own hands.

9. We do not endorse fundraising for individuals on this site and we do not want the site utilized to aid collecting funds - This is to protect individuals from fraudulant members. We all think we know each other and trust each other but this is the Internet and it is very easy to take advantage of people.

10. Please remember that we can not have a rule for everything, and because of unique situations or a few people who may abuse our forums or cause other problems (even if those are not listed in the rules), the Chihuahua-People board reserves the right to react to these issues in a way that protects both the boards and the members.

11. If you are permanently leaving the forum of your own free will and post a goodbye to all thread - please be advised that your membership will be deactivated immediately

12. You cannot advertise your own or other forums/online communities/social media groups and you cannot send private messages to other members inviting them to a forum/social media group. If you private message our members to invite them to join your forum you will be subject to immediate ban.

13. You can put/use the following in your signature area. A signature, tickers, links to dogster, myspace or similar links, small sized quotes and small graphics. This link will explain the sizes of signatures and number of tickers you can use on the forum Signature Sizes & Tickers *SIGGY SIZES & TICKERS* (to be used on the forum) - Chihuahua Forum : Chihuahua Breed Dog Forums

14. We do NOT allow the posting of links to PET sites or PETS for sale that are not your own! All animals and creatures of earth fall under the term "PET and PETS". :)

15- It has come to our attention that some users have created multiple accounts here on CP. As such, we are making this addition to the rules as follows:

1. Users can only have ONE account here on CP. That account will be the ORIGINAL account set up.

2. If we discover that a user has created multiple accounts, we will BAN all of the accounts created by the user and the user will not be able to use CP again.

3. If your original account has been deactivated and you want to join the forum again, contact the admins.

We didn't have this rule written in only because it was given that a user should only have ONE account. We've learned our lesson since some users have tried to get around this.

The only exception we'll consider is if you have had to create an additional account to notify us that you have been having issues with logging into an old account. In this case, you will have to contact us through this new account to activate the ORIGINAL account. Once that has been done, we will delete/deactivate the new account.

Aside from that, there is no reason for any user to have more than one account here. If you are trying to hide your past or move away from your past, while that is understandable, it does not justify creating a new account. We have reminded everyone on many occasions that YOU are responsible for what YOU post on the internet.

16. Also please see - Rule change - Chihuahua Forum : Chihuahua Breed Dog Forums

Warnings and Bans

This is the current process in terms of dealing with members who circumvent the rules posted. The Mod/Admin team reserves the right to use any of the following penalties regardless of whether it is your first time breaking a rule or not. Obviously, we would like to give a warning first but sometimes, a member just does something so unthinkable that it warrants at least a 3 day ban if not more.

1. Warning
2. 3 day ban
3. 1 month ban
4. Permanent ban.

Many thanks
The Administration and Moderator team.
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