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Friday's Diary

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For the first entry, I will share Friday's history. I have had her 17 weeks today.

The week before Easter, the boyfriend I had at the time called me at work and asked if I would like a puppy, a Chihuahua. I had never thought of owning a Chi, and didn't think I would like one very much. But, for years and years, I thought about getting a dog. I researched to see what the perfect fit for me would be (a Chi was never an option). Anyway, after a few hours of thinking about it and asking my then-bfriend if he would help me with her, I said yes.

He delivered my pup to me at work and I intantly fell in love. At first, he was insisting he wanted an all tan Chi, but we ended up with a black and tan. Well, she couldn't have been more perfect. As she slept in a box on my desk, I tried to think of a name. Easter was a huge event for me this year (entirely different story), and I wanted a name of significance. She was an answered prayer for me, so I deceided to name her Friday, since my prayer was answered on Good Friday.

I was very lucky to have a boss who allowed me to bring Friday to work everyday. She slept under my desk and became familiar with the people at work. Even though they teased me about her, everyone fell in love with her. She would cuddle up on my lap as I worked. It was all so cute. So, now she is very good with people and actually seems to get offended if someone walks by her without paying attention to her!

Since then, I have kept her at home while I worked.

Fast forward to today:
the bfriend is no longer a part of my life, but I treasure my baby Friday and am so blessed to have in her my life. It has been quite an experience so far. I am definitely an over-protective mom, but I am trying my best. This forum has been a great help. Yesterday, I had my first scare that she was sick. She seems fine now and was very playful this morning (even though she got in trouble for biting my toes yesterday).

So, that is the story on Friday so far. There is so much to tell everyday, and I will try to write often.

**Oh, and her one trick, she gives me a "high-five"! I love it!

Lots of love,
Evie and Friday
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Another pic when she was a baby.
And now she's getting to be a big girl!
So, Friday had a good weekend. We took little trips here and there to visit people. She just loved it because she gets so much attention! She got explore new territory (walks in other people's yards) and was just general cuteness.


Last night, some friends invited me over for dinner. I had decided not to take Friday because thet have 3 little kids and we were going to be eating and I just thought that Friday would be better off at home. Well, the friends called to tell me to go ahead and bring Friday. They went through all the trouble of doing some extra cleaning and puppy-proofing the apartment so that she could enjoy a visit. I thought that was such a sweet gesture, They even had a gate to keep her safe while we were eating.

So, the visit went well except that we had a little accident toward the end of the evening. The gate was too short and so we had to rig it with diapers so Friday couldn't get out. One of their daughters crossed over with no problem. When the second one crossed over, she fell on the gate and on Friday. I just heard a thud and then a yelp. My heart went into the pit of my stomach.

I really am trying to be a good mom, but not at "freak out at every little thing" mom. Well, I tried to hold back the tears because I didn't want to scare the kids and I didn't want to blame them. It wasn't their fault, Friday is just a little puppy and kids are kids who don't know she s delicate. So, Friday was not walking on one of her legs. I held her in my arms and petted her and gave her (and myself) a chance to regroup.

After a minute or so, she becgan walking again and then running. She seemed okay. I picked her up again, and gently felt over ever leg to make sure nothing was broken or she wasn't hurting. She was fine.

My poor baby. I want to take her everywhere with me, but I do understand the dangers. She is not a toy, yet she's not a child, so she isn't welcome everywhere. That is why I was so grateful to my friends for making that extra effort to welcome Friday into their home.

Anyway, She spent the night in bed with me and was such a good girl all morning before I left for work. I want her to be able to play with kids, so I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do. She was miserable when I tried to keep her on my lap or on the couch (and forget the the playpen, she whines and whines until I get her out).

I know this isn't the chat section (the story was too long) but Friday and I welcome any suggestions and prayers.

Evie and Friday (aka Scooters aka Mama-lou)
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