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Front Seat Airbag

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I'm moving (Thank God) from San Diego to Dallas in 8 weeks. I'm following the truck in my mini van. Frasier typically rides in the back seat, behind the drivers seat, wearing his seat belt of course. This works because I can see him in my rear view mirror and also reach back to touch him without taking my eyes off the road. He's a good little rider, mostly just lays there and looks around or sleeps.

To make this long trip though, I'd love to have him in the other front seat. He'd have more fun, I could watch him more carefully, and I could use the backseat for junk.

I'm afraid of the airbag though. If it went off and he took the direct impact of it, it would surely kill him. Someone at work mentioned that it wouldn't touch him because he's too low down. The airbag impact is higher up. I'm not sure I believe that because we all know the horror stories of young children being killed by airbags.

What do y'all think? Do your pups ride in front?
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i think she has a point !! i think the airbag's full impact will come higher than were frasier is sitting.
my dogs are in the front with me, but they are in their bag ,secured with the seatbelt.
i think if you secured him (i know you do that) it would be no problem....

kisses nat
i think if you moved the seat as far back as it goes and kept him seatbelted it wouldn't touch him.
That's a good question-think I would be absolutely certain he would not be impacted if the airbag inflated. Jasmine rides in the front passenger seat with me, buy I have an older car that does not have a passenger side airbag.
I would do what luvmypuppet said, by moving the seat all the way back. I do that for Seiah, I put him in his carrier and strap it down with the seat belt too.
Gadget rides in his careseat in the miiddle of the front seat. it is a split bench. and the car is a older car so it only has the driveres air bag.. but I would think he would be under the inpacked of the airbag..

I actually put the arm rests down today and put Gadgets seat on top of them and strapped Gadgets carseat down with the seatbelt.. it works really good because it raises it up and he can see out the front window or the side window and I can use the top side rail for an arm rest... very comfy.... and safe for him...

My neighbor(Gadgets mom and dads owner) thinks that I am cruel because I make him sit in his car seat and I hook him in.... gee I wonder if I was to get into a wreck with him running loose in the car and he ended up smashed against the windshield or dead... gee would that be cruel?

I think I will stick to my safe carseat thanx.
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