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chichi said:
I am getting a puppy in the next 3 weeks, i went there yesterday and the person said that he got flea and need flea bath every 10 days once. If i use the front line what do you mean do the house? How? :?:

Can i asked her to bath him before i take him so that the flea will die... will that work? :?: :?:
chichi, you only need to put the Frontline on your puppy---you will not need to bathe him. Apply the Frontline when you go to pick your pup up and that should take care of it.

The recommendation for doing the house is for someone who already has their puppy in their home and the pup has fleas on him. The fleas jump off the dog and lay their eggs in the carpet, etc. So if you have a pet in your home that has fleas, you may get an infestation once the eggs hatch.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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