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which is better? frontline top spot or the spray? for bobo.
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I use Frontline Plus and have never used the spray, so I'd have to go with prior. :wink: Actually I have never heard of a spray, Frontline makes that?
yeah it looks like this.....
Oh wow, I wonder how that works? It goes directly onto them?
not sure.........but how do you apply your frontline plus? and is it oily ?
its oily for 1-2 days, I dont think my dogs would like the spray action. I am very happy w/Frontline Plus :)
I use frontline spray because I can do all 14 chis with one bottle :)
I always spray them outside and leave them to run around to dry. Their coats(all smooth) feel a bit coarse when they've just been done but soon return to normal.
I like the fact it can be used on young pups so I feel it is safe to use on Chis.
We have never had a problem with fleas & I treat my dogs as a precaution, I'm a dog groomer & don't want to bring 'visitors' home with me.
I think both spray & spot on are ok it's just a matter of preference.
Ive seen this used on tv on animal rescue shows in UK, they hold the animal by the scruff of the neck and spray all over then sort of rub it all over with their hand, dont know if thats right though!
i like the spray for me when we get nasty buggies at the groomers shop lol but i prefer the other for the pooches :) it's what was preferred at the vets office where i worked.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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