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By Lucas C. (one of the guys here at VS)

It was after my sophomore year of college that I adopted my first dog. It sort of happened by accident. I went to visit a local shelter – basically to do some window shopping – and walked out with a five-year-old shepherd/beagle/unknown and little idea what I was getting myself into.

Like many college students, I lived in an apartment of dubious quality in a questionable neighborhood and survived off the kindness of my parents, student loans, and a job waiting tables. Not exactly swimming in disposable income and now the caretaker of a demanding pooch that I named Shifty, I rushed off to the nearest pet store to fetch the necessary supplies – food, bed, leash, collar, and dishes.

Seeing as meeting monthly rent payments was a challenge in those days, Shifty had to settle for less than the best dog accessories. In fact, she so frowned upon the bed I chose that she decided to bunk with me. The rest she lived with, including the cheapest plastic dog bowls you’ve ever seen. To be fair, I often ate cereal out of old margarine containers and drank my juice from reclaimed laundry detergent cups, so this was not a home of discerning tastes.

Shifty was with me for nine years and even though I eventually graduated college, found a proper job, got married and bought my own place, I’m not sure I ever bought her that fine set of dishes she deserved.

A year or so later I adopted another dog, this one a Greyhound named Alice, and things were a little different. Alice is afforded the softest beds, fancy collars, and even received a raised set of dog bowls so she wouldn’t have to bend over to eat. Alice proudly ate from these bowls for more than five years, but the wooden stand had seen far better days. It had food/water/drool stains that wouldn’t come off with a chisel! My wife didn’t like the way it looked, I didn’t like the way it smelled, and I suspect even Alice was a little embarrassed by it when other dogs came over to visit. This is where Pet Rageous Designs came to the rescue.

I received a bundle of goodies from Pet Rageous, including a beautiful raised Metal Feeder with sturdy and eye-catching stoneware bowls emblazoned with “Food” and “Water” lest I get confused. Alice now eats like dog royalty! Alice’s feeder is raised 10 inches and each bowl holds four cups, though Pet Rageous also makes a six-inch and a 14-inch feeder in the same design, depending on your needs.

Elsewhere in my Pet Rageous Designs collection is a 3 ½-inch raised Scroll Feeder, which is a little more ornate than the other design. This model houses two 1.5-cup stainless steel bowls. I had a chance to put this one to the test when I was looking after a smaller dog for a couple of days and received no complaints.

A third raised feeder was also included in my Pet Rageous collection. The Toftee’s Paws Pink Pet Feeder is intended for smaller dogs, as it sits just 2 ¼ inches off the ground. Two one-cup pink bowls are ordained with a paw print and sit in a more sleek and modern stand. You can find a host of other raised feeders and pet dining sets here.

In addition to the raised feeders, Pet Rageous sent along a collection of striking stoneware bowls. Three of the bowls come from the Talkin’ Time Stoneware collection and are inscribed with Pampered, Spoiled, and Diva. They come in an assortment of colors, including pink, purple, green, blue and orange and each has a two-cup capacity. Quite frankly, these bowls are nicer than anything I’ve got in my cupboards. I suggested to my wife that our one-year-old daughter could eat breakfast out of the Diva bowl, but my idea was quickly rebuffed. I stand by the proposal.

The two other stoneware bowls come from the Spoiled Furever line. These one-cup bowls are textured with vertical ribs and feature a crown-shaped metal badge etched with Spoiled. Available in Pink Pearl and Lilac Pearl, these bowls are rather feminine and quite fetching.

Fear not if none of these stoneware bowls fit your décor, as Pet Rageous has more than 30 other styles to choose from. It’s a vast collection and you’re sure to find the perfect bowl to suit your pet and match your style.

The final item in our Pet Rageous collection is a Five Piece Pet Travel Kit. Included in the kit is a Travel Bowl, Goodie Bag, Poop-rageous Poop Pouch with bags, and a Carrying Case. The entire set is made of durable nylon and features Velcro straps for easy carrying. My set is in royal blue, but green and red are also options.

This kit is perfect for traveling with your dog, but I’ve also found it quite useful when we go on long walks. Just bring a bottle of water along and you can fill up the bowl so your pooch can have a quick drink and cool off. Also, the Poop Pouch straps securely to the leash, so dog bags are always on hand. As an added bonus, the Goodie Bag makes you quite the popular figure with the neighborhood dogs.

If you think these or any other goodies from Pet Rageous Designs are right for your four-legged friend, you can find them at a variety of on-line retailers.
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