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Fun and games...NOT

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Well, we have company in from Canada - they will be here indefinitely. They have a 5 month old standard poodle - beautiful, but a very big dog. He's well behaved but has been pretty much to himself with his owners. They live out in the middle of nowhere in Ontario, and his exposure to other dogs has been nil.

I crated all 3 of mine when they got here, thinking I would introduce them one at a time. I let Beau (poodle) wander around for a bit while mine howled and pitched a fit. I let Diesel out first. Diesel promptly bit Beau on the nose when Beau towered over him and tried to sniff him, and Beau wound up hiding behind the couch for awhile. Eventually, he and Diesel became best friends.

Gracie isn't liking it one bit - Diesel is HER best friend. Instead of joining in the play, she's staying next to me or my husband and growling, non stop.

Pedro is just being Pedro...He's always grouchy...

Happy thanksgiving, all! It might get interesting around here!
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Well, things managed to go from bad to worse.

On their way from Canada, my friends decided to feed their poodle roasted chicken - he'd never had table food before. Plus, he was on Beneful, mine are on a high protein / no additive food, and Beau kept eating out of my dogs' bowls - we free feed, and for as long as they were going to be here and with all the confusion, I really couldn't do it any other way. I had my hands full with cooking and everything and just cautioned them to watch him, and that the abrupt food change could cause problems.

Friday evening, diarrhea set in with the poodle- not house trained, so we spent most of the evening outside with him. Thank goodness it was warm. Saturday morning, I begged them to take him to the vet, explained that they were only open until noon, but they self diagnosed him with pancreatitis from the chicken and our dog food, and started him on pepto and fed him only rice and the dry food he normally eats. He was some better during the day and never acted like he felt bad, but by morning (today) he was passing blood in his stool.

An emergency trip to the vet later, and we find out it was most likely food poisoning, but they were also strongly cautioned against feeding a poodle any human food whatsoever, as they are supposedly predisposed to pancreatitis and stomach problems.

Our poor dogs spent the majority of the weekend crated just so we could keep them away from Beau, just in case it was something contagious.

I love our friends dearly, but it was a long stressful holiday weekend. And now they are off on a 4 day trek to Arizona...With a 5 month old 37 lb pup with diarrhea...
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