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fun day

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unfortunatly no pics yet (i forgot my camera)
but myself and my family whent to dinner at a friends house, this frined has 2 yorkies and 4 adult cats and now currently 4 7week old kittens they are hand rearing.
well i took vixie at my frineds mums request and was very tentative at first, vixies fine around charlie and way of my parents cat, but shes realy never met any other cats or dogs other than the odd meeting in petco ect.
at first she was a little wary of the yorkies, one being veyr hyper she tried to keep her distance but after abou 15 mins or so she was happily playing with them and then the cutest thing, the babies (kittens) woke up and were playing, at fist she kept looking at me as if to say. "ma those are the strangest looking dogs in world!" but soon the settled and she was playing with them wrestling round and then whent hey started to get sleepy she literally rounded them up to the cushion shed claimed for the evening and curled up with the kittens and kept washing them.

it was SOOOO cute!

it made me feel alot better cause now i know for certain shell be fine with another puppy around the house and doesnt mind sharing mamma so long as she knows shes top pup.

IM soooo proud of my little girl!
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Sounds like it was a fantastic time! That's great. :) Wish there were pics though. LOL :lol:
How sweet that she rounded up the kittens and gave them a washing. That is so cute.

Yeah, it sounds as if she would adjust to having another pup around very easily. In fact, she would probably love it. Are you considering getting another chi?

I always take Jazzy when I go to my daughter's house - they have 3 mini-doxies and 2 cats. Jazzy gets along with all of them really well - well, all except Jake the cat, but Jake doesn't get along with anybody really except my oldest grand-daughter. Jake was adopted from the animal shelter, and he reminds me a lot of Omakitty in his actions. Absolutely nobody gets anywhere close to him except my grand-daughter.

Doesn't it make you feel good when they are on their best behavior? I know it does me. :D
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