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funny story i just had to tell you guys

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lol i just wanted to post this b/c i thought it was funny!
My new puppy really doesn't know her name "Jemini" so i would always have to chase her when i wanted her for some thing. i was giving jamoka a bath today and i said to him what i have always being say since he was a puppy,"it's a pretty puppy" and i started to notice :scratch: that when i said this she'd come running and get REALLY happy.

so i did a test i had my sister call her name "jemini" no respond. then i told her to say " Pretty Puppy" and she came running like she had a rocket on her back!!!
so i thought well maybe she just wanted to go to her so i went out side and she was going into the bushes and i said "pretty puppy " and she came running over ! so my puppy thinks her name is "Pretty Puppy"!!!!! :laughing6: thank for listening i just thought it was funny
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That's so funny ... maybe she doesn't THINK her name is Pretty Puppy... she KNOWS it is! :lol:

Any time I say the word "cute" in relation to anything (i.e. that's a cute shirt you're wearing), Cooper looks at me like "did you call me?"
Arrr thats really sweet, :)
Sooooo... are you changing her name to what it probably should've been all along? :D
haha thats cute!! Well maybe her name can be Jemini the Pretty puppy.. but just Jemini for short.. lol
well thats' what i was thinking about , just making her name "Pretty Puppy" in the home but on paper make her name Jemini b/c i've already told people her name is jeimin so i'm thinking about it. i'm still going to work on jemini. i just can't get over how funny this is!some time si don't even want anything i jsut like to call her pretty puppy now hey people called there dogs wrost! :lol:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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