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Can anyone recommend a good quality food for a fussy chihuahua?

She is just a pup at 20 months old and she likes wet foods however she has a very sensitive tum and most give her the runs. The only one I have tried that hasn't upset her is chappie but she went off that very quickly.

My other chi has royal canin dry food and she is thriving on that with a beautiful coat but this wee girl just won't take to it.

I feel she is a little underweight but the vet was reassuring in saying that she's not. He also recommended the chappie brand of food but as I said she won't take it, I tried the usual tricks of microwaving for a couple of minutes and adding a little water.

The situation has made me quite anxious although I know the vet has said she is fine but I want her to have good quality food that she enjoys.

And one more problem it's my dog always eats roses, which I grow for delivery flowers Saint Petersburg. What can you advice?
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